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Merzouga luxury desert Get to experience the inexplicable magic of the golden Sahara with unforgettable Luxury Desert Tours, a new journey towards the most fascinating mix of ancient and modern culture and history. Morocco Luxury Tours will offer you the ultimate experiment of the real nomadic lifestyle, with camel trekking, wandering through the wide desert and spending the night in luxurious Nomad tents. Your tours would mainly be headed towards the southern part of Morocco, the warm adventurous side of the country, as we wander through the high mountain valleys and the golden sweet dunes.

We will be driving through the scenic roads, tasting the most delicious Sahara food, enjoying the calmness of the wild Sahara, and spending the nights in the most luxurious hotels, Riads and cosy desert camps. With your Luxury Desert Tours you would be able to experience the most tremendous activities, as we go for hours riding camels and having memorable quad trips, appreciating the exotic weather and the sweetness of the perfect combination of sands and the sun, we will also visit together the black tents of Nomadic Berbers to know more about the history and way of life. For the brave travellers who wish to add a bit of adventure to their trip or save the driving hours, helicopter pick up and drop off is also available in our Morocco Luxury Holidays.

A way from our irresistible program, you would be able to choose from a wide variety of exciting activities and little villages excursions. Though the Sahara towns and villages are small, there are plenty of fancy hotels and fascinating local restaurants to choose from, as well as easily accessible transportation just to make your own Luxury Desert Tour a unique one. The food also on our tour would certainly make our journey more exceptional, the spicy delicious Sahara meals would make you fall in love with the place and the culture, where spices play a key part in Moroccan food, The Vegetables Tajine, the Tanjia , the Medfouna (a Sahara huge stuffed pie with irresistible ingredients) , the Tafernout bread, and the hot spicy barbecue with the tempting Mint Tea are the food basics in every desert region .

For a mesmerizing luxury holidays in Morocco, Morocco Luxury Tours would be your perfect guide upon your arrival to the moment you decide to leave the authentic country with thousands of friendships, unforgettable memories, memorable experiences and brand new life goals.

Luxury desert tours
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